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 Address: Room 1118, Ruicheng International Mansion, No. 71 Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100123
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About US


    Holding the principle of being diligent, creative and active in seizing the opportunity, ORIENT TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED attempts to attract all the talents in order to provide the top products and the fine service. The company is sincerely cooperative and honesty in business. Orient keeps the most advanced mode of management and the flexible marketing methods towards a better and promising future.   
    ORIENT TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED offers the stainless flange-made products (National registered trademark No. 3781033) being the excellent supplier with the world-renowned reputation. With a series of dominate products like the apparatus for production flow-meters, level-meters, flow-switches, level-measurements, electromagnetism flow-meters, ultrasonic flow-meters, pressure measurements meter, etc. ,At the same time, the company is capable of manufacturing all kinds of standard and nonstandard flanges by the standard of ANSI ﹑JIS ﹑DIN etc. After years of development, Orient now can also make various kinds of products that are customized according to the clients’ requirements or technical drawings, which could apply to the industries of petroleum, steel, natural gas, paper making, foodstuffs, medicals, etc. Products type mainly includes sheet metal stamping parts, stainless investment casting parts, aluminum die casting parts, turning or CNC machining parts etc. We have been recognized the ISO9001:2008 attestation system and TUV, PED attestation.   
    The company owns the foundation factory in Taizhou, Jiangsu with beautiful scenery. It gathers large numbers of talented, honest and dedicated people with rich knowledge and professional skills. The base factory has the normal construction of workshops, the standardized distribution of products, and the internationalized quality. After years of deep research, we have formed the requirements and manufacture techniques of high standard meanwhile fit for the self-management system of the customer. Thus, the reliability and the traceability of the products could be ensured. From the very purchase of materials to the export of the products, Orient strictly conforms to the system of quality management and adopts the advanced detection device, thanks to which we keep the company in the line of superiority in quality as well as the capability of manufacturing. Moreover, our base for production is very convenient on account of the adjacency to the port.   
    Our team for the overseas sales in Beijing is the one with the clear awareness of cooperation, with the proper style and the dedication as well as the rich experience of communication with the world. Our position in Beijing endows us a developed commercial setting and also lots of opportunities for business. The convenient means of communication and the condition of global transportation enable the clients an unhindered way to visit and at the same time earn us a good reputation. Our marketing stuff, with creativity and rich knowledge, has achieved the excellent performance in various areas of marketing by the guide of the proper eager for success and the awareness of after-sale service.  
    Our enterprise’s belief is to create high-end products and satisfy the clients in the maximum; to survive by high quality and excellent service. Take the good faith as fundamental and provide the strongest supply guarantee for the global users!

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