World population hits 7 billion
Publisher: admin      Date: 11/13/2012

World population hits 7 billion

World Population Landscape

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The newborn Philippine baby girl named Danica Camacho became the world’s symbolic "seven billionth baby" on Oct 31, 2011, according to the United Nations Population Fund. The organization said this global milestone presents both an opportunity and a challenge for the planet. While more people are living longer and healthier lives, gaps between rich and poor are widening and more people than ever are vulnerable to food insecurity and water shortages. So the milestone is also a wake-up call, a call to action. This special coverage introduces the basic facts about populous countries, challenges and problems caused by the spikes in human population.

World Population Overview

                                          Population explosion                                       

    The United Nations Population Fund predicts not only that the planet's population will reach 7 billion by Oct 31, but another billion will be here by 2025, and the total will reach 10 billion before the end of the century.

    According to demographers, the world's population didn't reach 1 billion until 1804, and it took 123 years to hit the 2 billion mark in 1927. Then the pace accelerated — 3 billion in 1959, 4 billion in 1974, 5 billion in 1987, 6 billion in 1998.

    "The constraints of the biosphere are fixed," Harvard University sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson wrote in his 2002 book, "The Future of Life."

   Wilson predicted the Earth's resources could be stretched to support a population of 10 billion, just about where UN population estimators say growth will level out by the end of the century.